Compassion Within The Lines

Immigration is a difficult issue for me to talk about.  Not that I have any difficulty expressing my opinions!  Rather, because I don’t have a lot of patience for cruelty to my fellow man, and I find that even people that are self-stated supporters of immigration are generally pretty cruel.

Why do I say this?  Because when I bring it up, here’s an extremely common position I’ve heard people espouse to me:  “We should definitely make it easier for skilled immigrants to enter this country legally, but we shouldn’t allow illegal immigrants, criminals, low-skill workers, etc. in.”  I find that to be a heartless position.

I often counter – imagine you live in a nice part of town.  Mr. Jones lives in a bad part of town, with his family – lived there his whole life.  Generations, even.  But he’s worked hard at his job and has managed to save up enough money to buy a house in the nicer part you live in.  He’ll probably still have his terrible job for the rest of his life (or a similar one), but he wants to break the cycle and give his kids a chance at something better.  When the moving truck rolls into the Uptown Heights, would you post armed guards and tell him he can’t come?

After that, I usually get a “that’s different.”  But of course it’s not different – and no one’s been able to even come up with an argument (let alone a convincing one) as to why I should think it is.

“They’ll have kids that will burden our system.”  So will natives.  I don’t want to support those kids, either, but I’m supposed to, because they’re red, white and blue?

“They get in and vote Democrat.”  That just means Republicans should be trying twice as hard to get them in, not futilely attempting to keep them out.  The ones they succeed in keeping out don’t mail in red-ticket votes, do they?

“We should be spending our money on helping real Americans, not letting immigrants come in.” Where do I even start?

In case it’s not obvious, these are all actual things I’ve heard.

People that cry for social justice claim that we shouldn’t limit our compassion to those of our gender or color, and I agree.  But their geography is fair game?  At the end of the day, this isn’t even about helping people – open borders don’t “help” people, any more than oxygen “helps” people.  But like oxygen, taking away open borders sure hurts them.  So I’m not even asking you to help; I’m asking you to just stop hurting people.  To do literally nothing; just stand aside, and let hardworking people help themselves.  It doesn’t matter which side of an imaginary line they’re on, because they’re humans.